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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Fanfiction! - Weeping Alone - A Tears to Tiara Yaoi fanfic

 Weeping Alone

Summary: Following Lector's defeat, the Empire trembled and the world enters a new age.. And then there's a rift in the sky that threatens to reconnect heaven and earth. And Arthur seems to be troubled lately. There are more things to do. ArthurArawn

Warnings: Yaoi

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Announcement: Now planning to write a yaoi fanfiction for the site

I am thrilled to announce that now supports Tears to Tiara in its system. So I'll be starting my experiments with my writing style and write a fanfiction whenever I can.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Episode 26: Words of Power | A Tears to Tiara Episode Summary brought by reychop

Episode 26: Words of Power


As the merkadis reached its final and purest form upon consuming the white phantom, Arthur and the group were reunited with their army, as well as Talieshin and the dragon tribe. Arawn then revealed that the merkadis could have reached this form only with the help of Lector, the white phantom, allowing us to speculate that perhaps the merkadis is not directed by its own will, nor by the final orders of Lector. This also shows possibility that it did not consumed Lector but it only allowed the white phantom to access its inner areas and give the phantom full control of its actions.

During this time, the merkadis emerged from its shell. With the white tower fully integrated into its body, the earth's atmosphere was easily polluted. As it released a powerful blast of electrum, its energy is powerful enough to reach Avalon and strong enough to destroy an entire mountain, leaving it to ashes and untraceable oblivion. This same blast caused chaos that separated our heroes once more from the main group, leaving them to fend for themselves. This caused Arthur to suggest a retreat and redeployment of their forces. However, Ogam countered that it is of no use since the merkadis is already charging its electrum cannon, only waiting to release it in all direction. Thus it would be useless to retreat since it can reach them wherever they are.

Furthermore, Ogam suggests a way to defeat it after Talieshin decreed that they will have to defeat the enemy in order to survive. The ancient half dragon told them about Words of Power. It is a special chant only found in the holy scriptures meant to rouse the merkadis. Its intent is to control the merkadis' power once it has been chanted. This caused the group to question who could chant it. When Ogam revealed that only Riannon could chant it, it was revealed that Riannon inherited both the name of the first human and Pwyll's magical elven powers enabling her to become a candidate as the savior, as was talked before in Ogam's vision while they are trying the break the obelisk.

Hearing this, Arthur immediately asked his sister to do the chant. But Riannon explained that she can't since she can't remember. As the merkadis prepare to release another blast of electrum, Arawn decided to wait for Riannon and protect her while she tries to remember the Words of Power. Inviting the reluctant Arthur, both of them tried to block the incoming beam of electrum.

As expected, Arawn immediately dropped to his knees just by being touched by a wind brought by the electrum beam. The rest of the group were worried as it is revealed earlier that the merkadis has taken Arawn's life millenia ago thus it is also possible that he could die this very instance. However, their losing faith is immediately restored when Arthur told them to have faith since Arawn is their demon king, thus they should place their trust on both of them.

With faith restored, they have enough time to be aware of the incoming tentacle sprouted from the Merkadis. After Arawn slashed it into two with Etlym, the group prepared for their final battle. Quickly mounting the black dragons, Arawn and Arthur went straight for the merkadis while Ogam led the others to draw away the merkadis' attack from Riannon. However, they were disappointed to see the wounds they inflicted on the merkadis easily regenerated right before their very eyes.

Still unaware of the charging of electrum, Arawn himself managed to block the entirety of the beam entirely by himself, causing his body to absorb much of the electrum. Thus the demon king fell to the ground. Fortunately enough, Riannon managed to cast "Carpe Diem" that acted out as a cushion preventing Arawn to die from the impact. However, she would sooner find out that it is not yet a merrymaking time sine her healing magic cannot heal the wounds inflicted by the electrum cannon.

Riannon's melodramatic act was interrupted by Arthur's forceful voice. Telling Arawn to stand up, the demon king managed to open his eyes. Seeing a replica of Pwyll in front of him, the vision of the realization of Annuwyn grew ever more intense giving him more strength allowing him to get back on his feet. Upon doing so, he gave Riannon his faith telling her that she should believe in herself.

Upon hearing this, she was granted a vision- a vision of herself in a peaceful world, reunited with everybody else. It is also in this vision that she finally found the. Primula then showed up congratulating her for casting away her fears and believing in herself. After their encounter, she was immediately returned to reality where she was saved by Morgan from the merkadis.

Managing to get back on her feet, she went straight away for the merkadis, holding her resolve to protect everyone. A bright yellow light surrounded her acting out as a barrier against the merkadis' attack. She has felt the lightening and the harmony of the sea, the land, and all the living things. And just as the merkadis was about to give a strong blow, her true form emerged and the words of power was reborn.

A white glow emerged as a white beam appeared. Then as she performed a chant, the light became even more intense;

Non est ad astra
Mollis e terris
Nutritur Vento
Vento restinguitris ignis

Then the white light struck! And the merkadis' shell broke revealing Lector in its remains, exposed, vulnerable and frail, desperately fighting to get away. The white phantom tried to deflect their attack, his cries unheard by his god, Vatos. But it was of no use. As Arawn and Arthur advanced, a stab was performed! BAM! Arthur did the final blow and the white phantom was no more. The final boundary that connects heaven and earth has finally vanished! A new era opens!

Once this has happened, peace has returned and Earth bathed in eternal glory. As the crescent moon of new beginnings glowed upon the land, Arthur and Arawn spent the night together as they chatted about how wonderfully peaceful it is.

It was in this moment that Pwyll appeared, replacing Arthur, and chatted to Arawn. It is then revealed that Pwyll is residing in Arthur all along. The elf king praised Arthur for his growth but told Arawn to continue leading the young man on to his destiny. Then he presented the elf crown and told Arawn to pass on the title of Pendragon- the name given to every king of the elves. After that, he disappeared and Arthur returned to his place, with no idea of what has just occured between Arawn and Arthur. Arawn then invited Arthur to take a rest, leaving the direct descendant and heir to Albion still unaware to the presences of Pwyll.

The next day took place the coronation of Pendragon Arthur. The ceremony is officiated by Arawn and Ogam, the recognized higher-ups within the kingdom.

"He who with valor and kindness recovered the world once more.. May the stars of twilight guide you forever more" - Upon giving him praises, Ogam finally rested the elven crown on Arthur's head, proclaiming him, their new pendragon!

After the ceremony, they celebrated together, ready to welcome the coming of Annuwyn, the perfect paradise.


And so peace has returned and from Myrddin's aspirations and hope, a new light was kindled, a new hope was revealed and a new kingdom was born. Everyone continued living their lives in a sense that there is a beautiful thing to look forward in the future. As they continued their lives, and as though the world has seemingly returned to normal, it cannot be denied that something has changed.

Ermin finally ended her book. As the adventures of the demon king came to an end, the book that she drew ended with a statement of how the great king (Lucifer/Arawn) and little king (Regius/Pwyll/Arthur) joined forces to build a new kingdom.

While Octavia continued her sword lessons with Conur and Elyr, she managed to evade Morgan's requests for hunting. Life is starting to return to normal. While Epona and Talieshin were reunited, their happiness couldn't have been better as they have a newly adopted son- the baby dragon, a sort of fulfillment to the prophecy "being food for frightening beasts" or rather "an errand boy" as Ogam jokingly referred to Talieshin baby sitting the dragon. Though it's not much, they looked very much like a family. With Epona being the house wife, Talieshin her beloved prince and the baby dragon, their precious bejewelled son.

Meanwhile, Rathty was finished with her session in crafting a new coin, Llyr came crashing in, complaining how the cow tricked her again. It appears that after all that has happened, Llyr has not been able to change from her clumsy, unlucky old self.

And Lastly, Etlym was finally returned to its original position. Arawn was reunited with Riannon and Arthur vowed together with Arawn to pursue the world of Annuwyn and fight side by side.

"A land were dragons fly, giants stomp, elves sing and men laugh. To the kings who have not slept for the yet unfulfilled world of Annuwyn, we offered peace here in Caer Myrddin. As long as the seas expand and the land stretches forth. I hope to see you again and fight with you side by side"

"Lord of the Stars, thank you for your guidance"

Note: And so, our story ended. A little bit fast paced, but with the right combination of drama, action, and romance, an epic story was born. Forming twists from popular legends, Tears to Tiara was reborn from a hit RPG game. But no matter what, its characters, scenes and themes shall forever leave a special spot in our hearts that taught us lessons as we learned to love its characters bit by bit. Friends, we have witnessed the end of a great anime. Yet no matter what, it has not fallen to forgotness. Our work has just begun. Follow me, as I explore, dig deeper and formulate new ideas and let us witness to true arrival of Annuwyn! (let us now turn to fanfiction writing and theory speculations. Hahaha)

May Vatos be with us all and may the remnants of the 12 phantoms disappear forever. May the eternal land of Annuwyn shine upon us! DONA NOBIS PACEM!

reychop.exe signing out! ^_^


Episode 25: Merkadis | A Tears to Tiara Episode Summary brought by reychop

As Arthur and the group discovered the dead corpse and seemingly mistake it for the final enemy, a voice interrupted them and stopped them in their tracks. The voice introduced the body as the holy emperor of the holy empire. The said heika is an avid pursuer of immortality and due to that desire, he was consumed by death. The owner of the voice came from a young man, barely older than Arthur. The said man shines in pure white and has a confident, carefree smile on his face.

If you remember, this same man appeared in the massacre of the senate members, the one who introduced himself as the emperor's gardener and summoned a great scourging fire which devoured the senators one by one.

This young man is now telling the group how foolish it is for the old man to fear ageing, and that believing ancient prophecies and silly astrology is what led him to his death. Furthermore, he added that the tower that they were standing on is merely a part in the heika's quest for immortality.

Riannon then asked who he is. And in an almost mocking manner, he responded that he is merely a nobody, a caretaker of this place.

Episode 25: Merkadis

Outside the tower, the Gaels await their leaders return. And although they want to come to their aid, not any of their scouts could find the entrance beyond the mazes of the white tower.

Back at the top of the tower, Ogam told of the rumor upon hearing the gardener's tale. He told the group that there used to be an oracle whom the emperor held in high esteem. The emperor's trust and respect quickly gained way for him to rise and earn a special seat in the senate council.

Octavia then added that this Astrologer from Chaldea is known as Vector the Astrologer.

Knowing that Ogam is blowing his cover subtlely, the gardener revealed his true identity by mentioning Arawn's real name- Lucifer. Thus it was concluded easily that he is the white phantom. Upon hearing that the one standing behind them is the true white phantom, Arthur tensed up, about to draw his sword. But past lessons has taught him something. And instead of wishing for blind revenge and irrational vangeance, he demanded to know instead why the phantom killed his father.

The phantom instead smiled and answered him that his father refused to cooperate in revealing the hidden location of Arawn's grave, which was guarded by the lineage with which Arthur's father belonged to. His father was murdered because due to his refusal, the phantoms weren't able to reach the traitor, Arawn, in time allowing him to ressurrect, contrary to their plans of putting him to sleep forever.

Furthermore, the phantom admitted that he tampered with Arthur's memories a little. And the warrior has showed his uselessness when he failed to kill Arawn in their past encounter.

This angered Arthur. But at the same time gave him a realization. He realized that this place is all but illusion. And as he calls out to Dyrnwyn, he slammed the ground with great force and as Dyrnwyn's powers were unleashed, he unmasked the impurities that surrounded the place.

The place no longer shows the peaceful and beautiful sky garden but a wasteland. Dead skeletons littered the ground and harsh atmosphere replaced the serene ambience. This struck a chord within Ogam and asked the phantom how much atrocities must they do before their bloodlust is satisfied. In turn, the phantom reminded him that he is the one who pledged his allegiance to them in the first place.

Having no answer to this, the white phantom continued and told them of his plans for this world. He told them that he will destroy and recreate the world just as they intended. But Arawn cannot allow this, stating that he would protect this world, instead. Upon the demon king's declaration that they would destroy their tower, a blast was heard and a hole, a break in the boundary between the heaven and earth, appears.

Once the hole materialized, a lightning was emitted from it and the skeletons were animated. The phantom then laughed and told them of the ideal world he deemed as "perfect". He declared that the only perfect and pure world lies in the white ashes of these humans. Indeed, a world that shall be burnt and as it turn to ash shall it meet a silent repose. As it does so, a perfect balance is achieved and a perfect, spotless world is created.

Arawn disagrees and so does Arthur. They will not allow their world to be destroyed just like this. Thus their battle for survival begins.

The skeletons advanced and although they lack in skills and endurance, their number makes up for their weaknesses. The white phantom challenged them, stating that they couldn't lay even a finger on him. And as he did so, the light intensified, causing a massive earthquake and startling the Gaels outside.

Back in Avalon, the remaining elves found ways in calming themselves down. By reading the book that she drew about the adventures of Arawn, they managed to see the battle in a tiny light. But the most ironic thing is, although her artistic skills are rather dull, she has managed to replicate the entire event in her story.

Meanwhile, the enemies fell one by one as Arawn and Arthur fought side by side. At this time, Ogam was briefly reminded of Arawn and Pwyll's battle. As the battle rages on, the group then determined to attack the white phantom and put him as their top priority target. One by one, they gave their best shot. But it was futile. The white phantom is either more agile or simply stronger than the rest of them.

However, Arthur is not contented. May it be for vengeance, or for survival, he simply cannot give up. Thus with extreme resiliency, he struck the phantom again and again, irritating him.

Arawn explained to him that these people that he is facing is different from the army that he commands. To answer his question, these beings cannot give up for they have their own ambitions, and their own freedom.

But the phantom retaliated by saying that they simply forget to acknowledge their own heplessness. His rather lengthy and discriminating speech annoyed Arthur, causing him to attack with renewed strength. And this time, his sword struck...

The white phantom paused... A look of horror and disbelief ruined his confident look as he stared at the drops of blood from his face. Impossible! He is a white phantom- the absolute beings, superior to all and perfect beyond imagination. And a simple inferior human drew blood from him? He cannot believe it... Trapped in his own nightmare, he was driven insane.

But not for long. A huge fire enveloped the environment as the tower shook. And for the white phantom, all is not lost. He laughs as he declared the coming of the "Great Fire of Purification".

And at this same time, a giant machinery emerged from the area. And gigantic as it was, the merkadis is dubbed as the "ultimate destructive weapon", powerful enough to raze villages in seconds. Not to mention it is the one who killed Arawn, being a weapon that utilizes the element, electrum, which Arawn is weak to.

The phantom, in his desperate attempt to rectify his "imperfection" stood in front of the machine and beg it to purify him. "Cast this deformed world to oblivion!!!" As it receives its first order, it breathed fire out to the phantom and consumed him. Once it does so, the obelisks on its back glowed and then.... they broke to tiny pieces.

As Ogam revealed, the Obelisks served as limiters to the power fo the merkadis. And since it was broken, the merkadis' full power is released, preventing him from predicting what will happen next.

With sheer power, it transformed itself to accommodate the newly freed power inside. The tower collapsed and the ground beneath Arawn's group fell, causing them all to fall into the hole. But they were saved, thankfully, by none other than Talieshin! Yep, the boy is alive! And thanks to his newfound family, the dragon tribe, they have a new ally in battle.

And once the chaos subsides, they were to feast their eyes on probably the most destructive and most powerful weapon of all time- the merkadis, in its purest and final form! Reunited under such a strange and chaotic circumstance, will they survive, or will they fall? Watch with me! And tune in for more! Let us all watch the FINAL Episode of tears to tiara, Episode 26: Words of Power!

Episode 24: Gravitas | A Tears to Tiara Episode Summary brought by reychop

Note: This episode has a lot of scene shifts. Thus, for accuracy of retellings, I decided to merely separate them with a hyphen instead of retelling the story in a mixed fashion (thus each hyphens represent a scene shift). Have fun!


As Riannon and Arthur's fight against Drwc continues, their foe's strength continues to increase, driven by the demonic energy from Gravitas. Drwc threatened them once more, but Arthur charged at him, damaging him in the arm. He anticipated Riannon to be harmed as well, but to his surprised he couldn't. The Gael's successor merely replied at him with a "You could never again rule over my soul", causing the battle to reach a new dimension.

Episode 24: Gravitas

- Octavia and Morgan's fight continues, seemingly without an end. On the top, Creon laughs as his entertainment heightened its level.

- On the other hand, Llyr and Rathty fought for the Cauldron's destruction, facing two enemies at once. One is the guard and the other one is Gravitas' effects.

- Meanwhile, Arawn and Ogam reached the top of the Obelisk, still deciding on what to do to destroy the massive source of Gravitas.

- Back in Riannon and Arthur's battle, Drwc is bombarding them with a never ending stream of fireball. Yet, they counter it with a strange yet effective combo. First, Riannon would cast a strong barrier powerful to withstand Drwc's attack, then Arthur would stand behind her and as an opportunity arise, attack Drwc with Dyrnwyn.

- Ogam and Arawn has decided their first step on Obelisk's destruction. Ogam casts a spell called "Baraq" but it has no effect as a gem of protection protected the obelisk. In fact, their attack caused the obelisk to expell Gravitas in a faster rate, causing even more pain and discomfort to all their magic-using companions.

- Riannon and Arthur's situation becomes tight as well. Upon detection that Gravitas has increased, Drwc casted "Protection of the Sprites", sending electrocuting lightning at Arthur, destracting the siblings from the fight.

- The elves are not faring well either. As Gravitas' strength increased, their powers started to wane causing them to have major disadvantage against their enemy, who were summoned at an alarming rate by the cauldron of rebirth.

- Though Morgan and Octavia has finished their battle, and Creon has lost his remaining confidence, the increased rate of Gravitas' flow, the mayor revived his fallen warriors, increasing their level of strength and speed as well as their appearance, creating an all new and improved round for our female Gael warriors.

- Meanwhile, Arawn saw Ogam's delimma and has decided to take matters into his own hands. However, Ogam stopped him from using his holy magic as he reminded him that he still has a fight waiting for him.

- Back in Riannon and Arthur's fight, Drwc has trapped Arthur with his spell, "Mors Certa" and revealed to him that he has been summoned by someone. As Arthur demands to see this person, he told the young man that he would, right after he has killed him. To save her brother, Riannon ran in front and prepared a spell glyph. Drwc merely laughed, stating that her magical defense is no match against his power. However, as he released the final spell, it ran in front of the glyph but switched its destination to him, striking at him and piercing his heart.

It was at this time that he discovered that the spell is not a magical barriar at all, but a teleportation spell. Angered at this, he called for more power, not ready to give up. And indeed, the obelisk responded and increased its rate of expelling Gravitas. The obelisk continued to light up and as it intensified, a vision appears.

- "At last, the gates to the ideal world, Annuwyn, are opened", Pwyll exclaimed. Yet Arawn reminded him that they still have a lot of foe to deal with as well as the fearsome and infamous merkadis. Though they have found a way, it has many requirements. First of all, one must be able to use the ancient language of Latin as well as his ability to use top elven magic. Not only that, but he must also be unattached to the heavens and is filled with purity.

Pwyll is disappointed to hear this, but before sorrow and hopelessness could seep through, they heard Primula recalling her previous lessons, distracting them from their serious discussion.

"D - O - N - A - B - K" This is the first lesson that she was recalling at that time, but when Arawn asked her what lesson that was, she told them it is about "Dona Nobis Pacem", Latin for "Give us peace". This incident led her to tell about Ogam's habits of doing "childish" things when they're having their lessons, such as blowing fire out of his mouth and making words out of melting sugar. This caused the group to share a good laugh, forgetting their problems momentarily.

- As the vision ended, it sent an inspiration to Ogam and an idea implanted itself to him. He transformed himself to a gigantic dragon, and spew forth what he described as "The Fire Of Origin". Arawn tried to stop him as this spell can kill him, but the ancient dragon told him not to worry. He won't die until he sees the world of Annuwyn for real.

- Meanwhile, Arthur fought the now transformed Drwc. And after figuring out that it is afraid of the Dyrnwyn, he was filled with newfound confidence. This caused Dyrnwyn to glow, and resulting in Etlym's response. Together, they resonated, filling the entire tower with their encouraging power. And as everyone fought, they discovered that their strength was restored causing them to achieve their missions. Llyr and Rathty destroyed the Cauldron, Morgan and Octavia killed the horde of dark army and Creon, Arthur and Riannon defeated their great adversary, Drwc and Arawn and Ogam reached the top of the tower.

After their great victory, everyone was reunited at the top, causing the tower to be filled with laughter and joy. They reunited in a beautiful celestial garden. Yet the place is filled with sorrow. As they went on to investigate, they found a throne in its middle and on it, Arthur discovered the corpse.

Without uttering the question, a voice interrupted them, introducing to them the dead holy emperor of the holy empire. If you look closely, the white phantom comes from right around the corner, amongst the flower and is laughing to himself, seemingly emitting an aura of confidence and elegance.

The battle is not over yet.


Trivia: If you look closely during Ogam's transformation to his dragon form, you'll notice that he ripped his clothes off. But when he met up with everyone in the top, his clothes are pretty much intact. Is this the effect of magic? XD

Anyway, tears to tiara is coming to an end. Let us all hold our breath and watch out for the second to the last episode of Tears to Tiara - Episode 25: Merkadis! Happy watching!

Episode 23 : Palladium | A Tears to Tiara Episode Summary brought by reychop

As war rages, the dark army and the alliance of humans and elves clashed in a catastrophic battle... Gee, it makes me remember about my experiences in Warcraft 3 Campaigns. But anyway, it is true. The dark army clashed against the alliance, with the good side winning. Under the leadership of the demon king himself, the Gaels and their allies has massacred all the enemy.

On the other hand, Arthur and his band who were sent on a mission to retrieve Dyrnwyn arrives, disappointed to find the battlefield empty, arriving only to dead bodies and already finished battle.

Arawn congratulated Arthur for arriving and thanked his actions which bore them the fruit of Etlym's strengthening and the enlisting of Dyrnwyn's aid. As they talked, the gates leading to the inside compound of the white tower fell, destroyed by their newfound allies- the giants. But even though they have defeated the dark army, their journey has just begun.

Episode 23: Palladium

After the gates fell, they immediately walked ever so cautiously to the entrance, as if they were expecting an ambush and a series of defensive countermeasures. But to their dismay, they were met with a silent, unresponsive ground and a brilliant yet still white tower.

"A tower that ascends to the heavens" As Arthur describes it. Yet their problem is soon forgotten as a new one is found. The gate is protected by a barrier, activated through the gems that decorated its surface. This was demonstrated when one of their gigantic soldier was easily blown away by the gate's defensive measure. Arawn saw through the group's worries and told Arthur to raise his sword.

Arthur sent him a questioning look. The demon king enlightened him with the sword's history and its main function- to grant freedom. Once he has finished listening to the explanation, he stepped forward and raised Dyrnwyn in front of the massive gate.

"Dyrnwyn, give me strength. Open the gates to the truth!", with his courageous voice filled with loyalty for his teammates, the sword granted his call for help and glowed blue. The gems on the gate responded by sending out a red glow, opening the gate and granting them passage to the white tower.

Once the gate opens, the group went inside and was immediately greeted by intense heat. Arawn explained to them that this place used to be a furnace intended for the burning of human life force. From this furnace came the necroms and the golems.

They continued their journey until they reached a gigantic crystalline object, which was introduced as the "Obelisk", an object so powerful that if activated, could erase their very existence from the surface. Fearing for its activation, the group left the place and continued their exploration. However, as they reached a small clearing, the magma from below started to reached out to the surface forming what looks like a flood.

The group feared for their survival. But as if an answer to their prayers, they were all teleported to an unknown destination before the flood of fire could harm them. Sadly though, this event did not come without disadvantages. The teleportation spell is used to separate them into three different party. The first party is consist of Arthur, Arawn, Ogam and Riannon. The second paired Octavia and Morgan together, while the last decreed Llyr and Rathty to journey together,

Back in the first group, Riannon grew worried for their other companions and tried to convinced everyone to go search for them. However, Arawn enlightened her that it would be too much of a trouble to go search for them and will only expend their energy not to mention their time. Furthermore, Arthur added that he know that the others will make it to the top and that he trust them to hold out on their own.

Understanding the situation, Riannon accepted it and they continued their adventure once more.

The second party landed in a narrow hallway, immediately attacked by a lightning spell cast by, probably, the tower's defense mechanism. Fortunately, they escaped this by entering a rather spacious room. As they entered the dark area, they were greeted by an almost familiar laugh, with the voice greeting them, informing them how he waited for them.

The owner of the said voice finally made his appearance and was identified by Octavia as, Creon, Londinium's Mayor. The other responded how nice it is of her to remember him. Thus he summoned the light and revealed the area as a Colisseum. As he told them of this, golems and dark forces appeared, giving them no other choice but to fight for survival.

And finally, we came to our last group. Llyr and Rathty found themselves in a similar starting point. But this time, they evaded a group of golems and found themselves in a room which houses the Cauldron of Rebirth or the Urn of Ressurrection. They had a bit of emotional retellings of their history before they decided to destroy the Cauldron for their honor as well as for vengeance of their desecraded ancestors.

Meanwhile, Arawn and his party came upon a huge area housing a simple altar. In its center though lies a familiar foe, their first antagonist- high priest Drwc. The nearly rotting priest mocked them, and laughed at them. Arawn angered the priest by calling him "Avaricious". But their enemy merely laughed at them and threatened them by his knowledge of Riannon's true name. However, Riannon merely replied that she is not afraid.

Arthur then challenged him to a duel which only tickled Drwc even further, declaring that he could not be killed by anyone. Before anyone could react, Riannon complained of a dark presence, which was immediately recognized by Arawn. Hastily, he ordered Ogam to stop him, but it is too late, Drwc has already activated the Obelisk, releasing Gravitas, God's Gravity, among them, causing considerable damage and pain to those who possess magic.

But amidst their seemingly hopeless situation, Ogam found a way to stop Drwc. He commented that by destroying the tip of the obelisk, they could stop the flow of Gravitas into their world. To do this, they must split up. Arthur told him that they should go, as this is his and Riannon's battle. Reluctantly, Arawn left, stating that he will not say goodbye or farewell.

Once the two men has left, Arthur positioned himself to attack Drwc but before he could land a blow, Drwc has already uttered the deadly curse. "I order upon your true name to take my body's pain and infliction". This order caused Riannon to faint as Arthur has already attacked Drwc with Dyrnwyn. Seeing seeing his sister faint is enough to temporarily stop the battle as Arthur rushed to his sister's aid.

On the other hand, Riannon was sent back to her own realm and there, he met her true self- "Primula". After Primula encouraged her, she regained back her consciousness, ready to join her brother once more in a redeeming match.

Next Episode- Episode 24: Gravitas

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Episode 22: Dyrnwyn | An Episode Summary for Tears to Tiara provided by reychop

The Gaelic generals and main officials as well as the major characters, were all assembled in their meeting room, within the high walls of Avalon. Strangely enough, Arthur was not present, while his absence was later explained by Riannon who told Arawn that her brother is out to see Talieshin.

In this strategy room, they discuss their next action. Accordingly, Arawn told them that they will have to split their forces into two. With the first one going to Palladium and the other group is to retrieve a valuable weapon that could benefit them in the war.

Rathty commented that it could be Dyrnwyn, Lord Pwyll's sword, the counterpart of Etlym. And indeed, Arawn confirmed that it was.

As the meeting draws to a close, the massive doors were slammed open and revealed Arthur, who told them that he wants to go, since he wants to know the truth.

Arawn replied that the truth may hurt, however Arthur once again amazes him as he replied that it is better to bear the pain than suffer defeat due to ignorance.

Satisfied with his reply, Arawn smiled and changed their plans. He told them that he and Ogam will proceed to Palladium, while Riannon and Arthur shall go to Gorsedd Arawn, or Arawn's throne and retrieve Dyrnwyn. It was revealed by Ogam in the past episodes that it is here that everyone shall find the truth.

Thus with great enthusiasm, they all embarked on their journey, with Arawn reminding them to meet together in Palladium.

Episode 22: Dyrnwyn

The gates of Avalon opened to let a band of horseriders pass. In a small group, Arthur, Riannon, Morgan, Octavia and Rathty traveled to Gorsedd Arawn, and indeed, they reached the place at such a short time. With the place marked with Monuments and ruins, it is not that hard to find it. As they so the landmark, they dismounted their horses and came upon the center, where a sword embedded on a stone is surrounded by white pillars.

They formed a small formation, while Arthur proceeded to the sword's location. Staring at it briefly, he stared at the beautiful blue sword. It radiated faint power, yet its magnificence lays tainted with dusts, moss and other impurities.

Taking a deep breath, he proceeded to grab the hilt, making his first attempt at the sword's retrieval. However, just as his hands touched it, a huge force emanated from the sword, causing it to glow a golden hue. But that's not all. Just as the warm light coursed through his body, he saw a glimpse of a vision. Yet the suddenness of it caused him to release the sword vanishing the vision.

Gaining more confidence, he once again made the second attempt. And this time, he hold on to it as a golden light filled the place once more.

Just as he closed his eyes, a vision appeared- a vision where everything began.

Following Lucifer's defection from the 12 phantoms, the age of the elves took over, just as I predicted. These elves resided in a majestic fortress called- Avalon. However, it appears that their glory did not last as a series of misfortune threatens their very existence.

A contamination of gravitas is threatening them and their attempts to stop it has been ineffective. Gathered in their forests, the elves begged Pwyll, their king, to do something or else they'll perish if Gravitas enter their atmosphere.

Their king, ever loyal to the 12 phantoms merely told them to rest easy and trust. Instead, he offered them to pray to Vatos for safety. This is exactly what his people did. They prayed continuously to Vatos- their one and absolute god, reaffirming their servitude to the god over and over in vain hopes of safety.

However, Pwyll know it in his heart that it is useless, for the contract with the heavens have long been broken. Deciding to take a walk, he come upon a clearing, and there, he was about to contemplate on their situation when a soft rustling from a nearby bush was heard.

Before even managing to react, a young girl popped out, revealing Primula. The elf took pity on the human child- humans who could do nothing but praise, pray and worship the phantoms- so he decided to approach her.

However, his advances were stopped, as a new character appeared. "Arawn of Annuwyn", he introduced himself. Their conversations continued, until Pwyll told him that if he had to, he would take away the child by force. Arawn agreed and gave "Dyrnwyn" to him, saying that it has the power to kill a god. Thus Pwyll struck an agreement and agreed to take the sword, should he allow him to take the child.

As it was settled and Pwyll was dragging the child away, Arawn asked him what he's planning to do with the child, he replied that he'll take her to Avalon. Arawn merely told him that Avalon is not an organized government but a "trap" considering its powerful weapons and defenses.

The elf king continued to walk away, but then Arawn decided to mock him telling him that "now the Elf king has become a warden of prisons?" This struck a chord and in an angered yell, he took up Dyrnwyn and attacked Arawn. But then he stopped. Just then, a loud laughing was heard. And to Pwyll's surprise, it came from the child. The child apologized to Arawn but the fallen phantom told her it's okay as long as it is in front of Pwyll.

Astonished at this, Pwyll asked who Arawn really is. When it was revealed that he is "Lucifer, the incompetent son of Myrddin", the king knelt and bowed his head, and in tears, he begged for guidance.

Yet Arawn told him he shouldn't kneel, lest they risk committing the same mistake twice. Rather, he told Pwyll to walk with him, in the path of kings. Pwyll agreed and smiled at Arawn, asking Arawn to be his friend. Arawn informed him that such term is not familiar in heaven. When Pwyll explained to him what it was, they exchanged their true names. Arawn is Lucifer and Pwyll is Regius.

After Arawn mocked Pwyll for his "Little King" name, they all shared a good laugh, ensuring that a new dawn awaits as friendship stands and hope, rekindled.

The first part of the vision ended there. Meanwhile, Octavia noticed the Dark Army headed at their location. But they are not at the very least worried at all, because the soft glow emanating from Dyrnwyn lifted their spirits, doubling their courage and multiplying their strength.

As they fought, the vision continued and Arthur has finally witnessed the Aftermath of the war. It is shown where Pwyll held Arawn's body, as he begged Ogam to heal his friend.

However, he noticed that the old man himself is crying. Ogam explained that it was a canon of Merkadis that has hit Arawn. It uses Electrum, an element Arawn's body is weak to. This made it impossible to cure him.

But as they spoke, the fallen phantom awakens, asking of the battle situations. With joy, Pwyll told him that they have won. They continued their conversations and Arawn revealed that since he is immortal, he would just sleep until his wounds heal.

With a final request, he and Pwyll sung the song of sealing and as they both chanted, they held tightly the Dyrnwyn sword.

In front of this golden light
For our friends
we promise to create a safe and gentle world
in this land

As they did it, they stabbed the sword into the center of the stone and immediately the world was restored. However, Arawn could not see it, as his energy has ran out, demanding for a much needed sleep.

Arthur returned back to his senses and finally realizing it, he held Dyrnwyn and asked for its strength. As he pulled it out, a bright light appeared and from the sword, pure energy was released eliminating the Dark Army that threatens to attack them.

They congratulated Arthur for his deed and that their trust has completely stayed with him.

On the outskirts of Palladium, now revealed as a place where the White Phantom made his primary base, the jewel embedded on Arawn's Etlym glowed red, and with an affirming smile, Arawn knew at that moment that Arthur is on his way.

Comments: Drama, more info and battles for this episode has gone a bit more exciting. As more information is revealed, the action and plot deepens. Adding a bit of Arawn X Pwyll yaoi moments, I can't help but fall in love with the episode.

Next episode: A battle continues, old foes appears and shocking information is revealed. Meet Mayor Creon, the Dark Army and the penetration of Palladium in EPISODE 23: PALLADIUM